A ‘Hyperpublic’


It’s not a word, I made it up.

At first because I liked the way it sounded, and it seemed to describe a charged state of not-knowing, and potential, that can only occur when we meet others.

Now I think it could also describe the spaces I try to create; where good art and curious minds meet and find something new. Taking what is already present in ‘the public’ (a gathering of humans, architecture, history and time) and introducing a rogue element that electrifies its potential, catalysing new ideas. I am most interested in art that touches otherwise dormant aspects of my heart, body and mind; art that challenges me to find new frameworks in order to understand it. This kind of art requires good contextualisation, and in my work I have found a lot of people who love this experience, once they know what it’s for.

On this site I generally write about art, liveness, cities, gathering, festivals, spontaneity, enthusiasm, collaboration, resistance, discomfort and finding a way to progress despite the moral inconsistency of contemporary life. But perhaps none of those things.

Mostly I just think we’re better together than we are on our own.



3 thoughts on “A ‘Hyperpublic’

  1. I’m certainly glad I stumbled across your blog via Twitter! Just wanted to tip my hat and give you guys kudos for some very engaging writing about a topic that often eludes words. Performance is an integral component of any culture, if sometimes a little unsung in the face of the predominant 9 -5 lifestyle and the associated stability / regular income. I’m glad to see such sophisticated, real content associated with our vibrant Melbourne arts identity. I notice that it’s been a little while between posts, but I do hope to see some more content in the near future!

      1. My pleasure!
        Ahh, I know how that feels. If my blog were any living thing, it would have been taken into protective care a long time ago for all my periodic neglect.
        I’ll keep checking in every now and then 😉

        And of course, the obligatory plug, if you’re ever inclined to have a gander at my space, I’d be honoured to be ogled.

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