Secretly Melbourne

media, melbourne

Given how much I love Melbourne’s secrets, it’s a bit uncool to expose them so brashly in the major newspaper. So I didn’t. My version of The Age’s My Secret Melbourne contains some secrets of this city, but only if you haven’t been looking very hard. It’s no secret that Melbourne is a great, great love of mine, and I would never betray one of the best parts about her – discovering the good stuff for yourself – by calling last drinks too early and bringing up the hangover lights.

Hopefully you will read this and be reminded of how you need to go back to all those gorgeous, delicate, independently minded places I have left out…

(Meanwhile, how cute is my baby bro?)




2 thoughts on “Secretly Melbourne

  1. What a great piece. I usually dislike these things but yours was such a reflective, reflexive take on the format. Kudos!

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