Rushed Happiness


With 4 days of the 2014 Next Wave Festival to go I forced my elated/exhausted self to scrawl some highlights on Facebook. I’m glad I did. I have more expansive reflections in me that I’m going to attempt to whittle into something coherent, soon. But I don’t want to lose the rushed happiness of these ones, either. So I am posting them here again, with only some slight alterations because conventions are different on Facebook to this blog.

Personal highlights of #nwf14 (and we’re not done yet).

No particular order.

1. Parents. Brothers, sisters, partners. Meeting Raghav’s parents (who had never seen him dance before), Jesse Cox’s Mum, Ghenoa Gela’s Mum, James Welsby’s parents. My own Mum spending 2 hours folding boats with Phuong Ngo this morning.

2. The staff meeting we had on Tuesday at Shebeen (/the ping pong we played that night). Ugh, I love you guys sick.

3. Shebeen, full stop. Best Festival Club, I am loving it.

4. Rainbow collaboration between Henry Jock Walker, Stephen Armstrong and I on Saturday – indeed the whole walk we did with the Next Wave Collective was a massive highlight.

Henry Jock Walker meets Emily meets Stephen
5. Chatting to Benjamin Kolaitis at Golden Solution’s Shower Party and him introducing the word ‘conviction’ when describing our artists’ projects – haven’t stopped mulling over this for days, such a great word.

6. Moral complexity is not an easy or comfortable space to facilitate, and it is a strong choice to invite it. I’m proud that many of our artists aren’t giving answers but asking provocative and interesting questions. It’s brave and hard and they are trying. I’m very proud of this.

7. The Blak Wave opening at the Wheeler Centre – generous, inclusive, funny, honest, diverse. I loved it. (You can find a podcast, here).

8. Triple R’s Outside Broadcast on the steps of the State Library. I love the station so much, and to open 35 of our projects with this event was a real honour.

9. My house being slowly stripped away as John quietly and with no complaints packs, paints, installs new locks and all manner of other stuff… because we move on Monday. Bloody oath. That’s Support Crew of the highest level.

10. This dog.

The story is much funnier in person, so you’ll just have to ask me.



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