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UPDATE! All places are now taken. Apologies if you missed out – your best bet is to subscribe to the LALA list to keep up to date on any future excursions with Field Theory.

This Thursday, I’ll be hosting a memory walk of Melbourne, delivered via a series of anecdotes and discussions. We’ve marked out a little journey through the streets, and will collectively reflect on art that has occurred (and not occurred) in those sites. It’ll be pretty exciting I reckon, mostly because it is hosted by Field Theory, whose members comprise some of my favourite artists in the world. I’m hoping to share a bunch of  questions that have become consistent in the writing of this blog (and elsewhere) with those who attend: public space, spontaneity, Australian live arts practice, public protest, audience, participation, ethics, authority, who has the right to do what and how we respond when there’s a reaction we didn’t expect… yeah, just a few small things!

If you’d like to join us, better jump in quick as spaces are limited.

12pm – 2:30pm, Thursday 20 October.
Email rebeccaburdon@gmail.com to RSVP and for more information.

I’ll try my best to report back on this here bloggie. See you there!


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