Let me first introduce you to a cheeky dog called Cheeney. Cheeney was very interested in many things. More than anything though, he was determined to distract his artist owner as she built a brick wall inside her studio. He also very much wanted into discussions between myself and the four boys from Lucky PDF as we sat in Camberwell, South London. It was a damn fine honour to talk to these artists and a ridiculously good way to kick off 10 days in the UK. Cheeney, you were a good contributor.

Here’s a list of that which bubbled through my brain on this particularly happy British day:

  • Creating infrastructures for ideas to exist within, that’s responsive and absorbent of influence and dialogue, acting as a counterpoint to other artists (Lucky PDF)
  • More accessibility, more excitement and less pretension are totally excellent principles for artists to consider (Lucky PDF)
  • A disinterest and uncomfort in ownership, names, titles, hierarchies, self-promotion or the cult of the self (Lucky PDF)
  • Displacement and its relationship to investigating site, context, relevance, relationships
  • Taryn Simon‘s A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVII, currently showing at the Tate, is completely excellent and kind thanks must go to James Smith from This is tomorrow for the tip. It was excellent in a ‘shut your eyes because there are too many thoughts opening up and the magnitude of the work makes your heart hurt a bit’ kinda way.
  • Embedding a critical dialogue organisation within a festival in a partnership = yes please (James Smith)
  • I need to think more and more about how to structurally ensure the resonance of the ideas a festival’s works generate. How to secure the discussions of real-world concepts, over and above a discussion about form, and find ways for this to be embedded as central to the audience’s festival experience (Leisa Shelton amongst others)
  • There’s nothing better than finding a wee picture of a pig in your pocket (John Bailey).

Right, now off to a Palace with the Agency of Coney. Good times!!


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