Teh jugglez of teh hatz

leadership, media

I recently spoke to Arts Interview about “juggling the realities of leading a small arts organisation that makes a massive impact” (their words!).

Arts Interview is a terrific site that more people should be reading. It’s the kind of resource that arts management students often tell me doesn’t exist, and older arts industry leaders and funding bodies wring their hands to say we desperately need. These guys have used free opensource software and their own curatorial expertise to just give it a go; they’ve identified heaps of wonderful industry players, and asked them well-considered questions. So spread the word!

Anyway, my two cents on working in the arts and still being a good person are here:

“Do you think the size of an organisation affects a person’s ability to find balance between all the required roles?

Probably not. I think it comes down to the individual. For me personally, I know that I will always throw myself into things, I will always love what I am doing and be passionate about it, and I will probably always be working on things that, if I let them, will take over everything. So regardless of what you are doing, if you are working in the arts you need to make sure you are still enjoying the ride. Certainly in a small organisation you are covering a lot more territory and there are so many factors that lead towards you needing to diversify your skills, but there is also a nimbleness that means you can be quicker to respond to new and exciting opportunities.” Read more


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